A cookie is a small text file that a website might ask to store on your computer when you are visiting a website. The file contains a certain amount of information and a particular timestamp.

The browser stores the information in a certain place on your computer and then sends the information stored back to the web site you visited (or any application of the pages/images from the website).

Two types of cookies:

Cookies on Hermansson & Co are used to improve user experience and to optimize the website. There are two types of cookies used:

  • Permanent cookie. A permanent cookie is a file that is permanently stored on the visitor’s computer. It is used to, among other things, adapt the website to the visitor’s needs, choices and interest as well as a means to follow up statistics.
  • Session cookie. A session cookie is temporarily stored in the user’s computer, as long as the user is still visiting the website. When the user closes the browser, the cookies disappear.

The website of Hermansson & Co use both session cookies and permanent ones. Regardless of which type that is in use, no personal information regarding the visitor is stored (such as mail, name etc.)

The Electronic Communications Act

According to the Electronic Communications Act SFS 2003:389, that came into force on the 25th of July 2003 and was revised the 1st of July 2011, a website containing cookies must inform all visitors of this fact (nearly all websites have some sort of cookies and/or service that use them, such as a systems for web statistics).

It is also required to inform the user of how to avoid cookies and the visitor should always be given the choice to agree to the use of cookies. The law does not contain any established rules of how this type of consent should be managed. On this website the user gives consent to the use of cookies by using the website settings and/or other tools for managing cookies. 

Managing cookies

If you do not accept the use of cookies you can shut them off in your web browser settings. You can also adjust your settings to give you a warning every time a website is attempting to install a cookie on your computer. Through your web browser it is also possible to delete previously installed cookies.

Visit your web browser’s help pages for more information on view which cookies are stored in your web browser, how to remove them and how to change the current settings. Below we have listed a number of links that might be useful when managing cookies online.

Further reading (Swedish only):